About Us


Here at Central Station we value people: the people who come through our doors; the people who support the work we do through volunteering, donating, or partnering with us; and you- the people who show an interest in Central Station by taking the time to check our website. Below is some information about us: who we are; our mission, vision and values: and how we came to be here in Winkler. Please feel free to browse, take a look at the calendar and program information to see what is going on and get in touch with us for more information. We hope to meet you soon!

Mailing Address
Winkler MB, R6W 1C4
555 Main Street
Phone Number
(204) 325 0257

Mission & Values


Central Station offers support, connections, and programs for our community.


We are guided by our faith to build strong relationships and partnerships, creating a safe and welcoming environment for all. We advocate for support and provide hope and mentorship to those seeking skills and connection.


We provide a place of belonging, hope and support (physically, emotionally, and spiritually) so that individuals and families can thrive.


The need for a community resource centre in Winkler was identified years ago and although there were many agencies around the table, agreeing on the concept, nothing ever got off the ground. In 2010, a community survey was done, interviewing key community leaders and stakeholders including input from education, police, social services, churches and the business sector. If you could summarize that information into one paragraph it would sound something like this… Growth is changing the fabric of this community. It has contributed to a lack of trust, care, and love for each other. Unless we embrace and manage this change, we will face even greater challenges to infrastructure, greater demands on our social welfare resources and police services, and a further deterioration of the sense of “community” within our community. A collaborative approach is necessary to address these needs. The development of a Community Resource Centre is in critical need and, based on the collective responses from community stakeholders for this survey, would be of most immediate benefit to the community. It has the potential to address almost all critical and unmet needs identified. This survey, along with interested individuals, who had a dream for a community centre for Winkler for years, pushed the dialogue further and a group of people began discussing possibilities. Through much research, discussion, prayer, discernment and collaboration, a plan was developed. A group of business owners were approached, presented with the vision of a community centre, and agreed to buy a building on 545 Industrial Drive, which would be shared with “The Bunker”. Continued planning, prayer and hard work ensued, with many individuals contributing either financially or through time, working on the physical structure of the building. Suddenly, it seemed as though something that had eluded our community for years, now, in God’s timing, was happening! In September 2013 we opened our doors with the hope that Central Station would be a place that encourages community and individual growth. We are excited about the growth that has happened at Central Station and the potential for the future.


Central Station is overseen by a Board of Directors. Our current board members are:

Phillip Vallelly

Phillip Vallelly (chair)

Jeff Hoeppner

Henry Siemens

James Elias

Ryan Hildebrand

Sandra Reimer

Jolene Fehr

Tracey Dyck