Central Station Community Centre took over the property management duties for the Winkler Affordable Housing units beginning in January of 2018. Additionally, we have taken on the management of the 65 Manitoba Housing units in Winkler as of August 2018.

The Social Housing program provides low income Manitobans in greatest need with subsidized housing. Manitoba Housing and Winkler Affordable Housing have a limited supply of rental properties and therefore applicants are housed based on core housing needs. This includes affordability, suitability and adequacy of your current housing situation.

Please download the appropriate application and return a completed copy in person to:


545 Industrial Drive, Winkler, MB

Phone Number

Current Tenants

If you would like online access to your account information, please email housing@winklercentralstation.ca with your request. An email with setup instructions will be sent to you shortly.

Housing Applications

  • Winkler Affordable Housing Application
    Download PDF

    * Income must be under $56,694 for single and $75,592 for families

  • Manitoba Affordable Housing Application
    Download PDF

    To qualify for this program your income must be under the following limits:
    Bachelor - $20,000
    1 Bedroom - $27,000
    2 Bedroom- $33,000
    3 Bedroom- $44,000
    4 bedroom- $49,500